2, 4, or 6 Channel In and Out DSP Module for integration into amplifiers


Example of 125w x 4 Amp of Class GH with DSP pre-amp control

4 Channel Amplifier with DSP Front End

4 Channel Amplifier with DSP Front End


UBUY would like to announce the general availability to order our new DSP Amplifier front end control.  Compatible with any of our multichannel amplifiers.  The DSP can also supply line level outputs on channels 5 and 6 to drive an external sub-woofer, or other mono or stereo amplifier.


  1. Multiple hardware configurations available
  2. Multiple levels of DSP Configuration available
  3. Real time control from GUI Software
  4. Sync software from amp settings, continue tuning where it was left off
  5. Encrypted key in amplifier prevents software from other vendors working with your products
  6. Individual channel gain adjustment
  7. Configurable from 2-6 channel input.  Source for channels 5-6 can be a summed mono of channels 1 – 4
  8. Individual channel muting
  9. Support for bridgeable amplifiers
  10. Individual channel phase invert (Level 2 and 3 DSP Option)
  11. 6 Channel Equalizer:  Global EQ (Level 1), Stereo Pair EQ (Level 2), Single Channel Parametric EQ (Level 3)
  12. Stereo Crossovers: 12/24dB HP or LP (Level 1), 12dB Bandpass (Level 2), 12,24,36,48dB HP/LP or 12/24dB Bandpass (Level 3)
  13. Configurable stereo noise gates (Level 3)
  14. Individual channel delay, up to 5ms (1.7M, 5.6feet, 172cm, 67.5″) in 0.02ms (0.007M, 0.023feet, 0.69cm, 0.27″)  increments.  (Level 2 and 3)


User Interface Compatibility

Windows Vista 32&64 Bit OS ***
Windows 7 32&64 Bit OS ***
Windows 8 OS ***
*** – requires installation of Microsoft .Net framework


UBUY DSP Offer Sheet



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