Premium Class AB


Prestige Class AB

12/24dB independent high and low pass crossovers, band passable.  1 Ohm stable, variable frequency bass boost.  Japanese audio power output devices.  Independent gain controls for each channel.  Remote volume usable in full range with digital pot for remote gain.

2 Channel available in 2×150 and 2×300 into 4 Ohms.


156W X 2 at 4ohm

311W x 2 at 2 ohm

345W x 2 at 1ohm

293W x 1 at 8ohm

585W x 1 at 4ohm

696W x 1 at 2ohm


B2300SE Specifications

334W X 2 at 4ohm

649W x 2 at 2 ohm

700W x 2 at 1ohm

672W x 1 at 8ohm

1298W x 1 at 4ohm

1400W x 1 at 2ohm


B4200SE Specifications

111W X 4 at 4ohm

205W x 4 at 2 ohm

200W x 4 at 1ohm

223W x 2 at 8ohm

411W x 2 at 4ohm

400W x 2 at 2ohm

Regulated Class AB Amplifiers

Maintain Constant power, or can be configured to reduce power when hot to improve runtimes.


4x600 AB


4x125W + 2x250W 6 Channel

6 Channel AB