UBUY Prides itself in the quality and variety of amplifiers that it can customize for your unique needs.

Please see some of the specifications and photos for a representative sample of our past designs.  Not all designs are available at this time to all markets, but get a hold of us, and we will be happy to design a custom solution for your needs.

Most of our amplifiers can be configured:

  • For marine use
  • With remote gain control
  • Diagnostic lighting codes
  • Fan or blower
  • Speaker level input
  • Auto sense turn on, with turn on out option.
  • Power supply regulation, offering matched power into all loads, thermal roll back of power and other features.
  • Custom gain ranges, crossover ranges including range switches
  • Accent / Logo lighting

And of course, we are happy to discuss any fully custom or new design with you.

Contact us with your inquiry.